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Chains & Sprockets

ASK Engineering Solutions Ltd offer a wide range of Chains and sprockets, suitable for all transmission requirements, whether power transmission or conveying.

We are proud to supply Renold, Tsubakimoto, Regina, Sedis, Rexnord and many more! We also supply an extremely cost effective wire-belt manufacturer, Costacurta of Italy.

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Our Range of Chains & Sprockets

We supply the following types of chain, and associated sprockets,

  • Standard British & American Roller Chain
  • Hollow Pin Chain
  • Extended Pin Chain
  • Straight Side-plate Roller Chain
  • Side-bending Roller Chain
  • Attachment Roller Chain
  • Wire Belt Chain
  • Leaf Chain
  • Standard British & American Conveyor chain
  • Scraper Chain
  • Mat-top Conveyor Chain / Table-top Chain
  • Modular Conveyor Chain
  • Side-bending Conveyor Chain
  • Cast Iron Malleable Chain
  • Case Conveyor Chain
  • Plastic Chain

There are many “specials” which fall within these chain types, the vast majority of which are available to us at very competitive rates, and very often, what may appear to be “special” or “unique” to an oem are, in fact, readily available.

ASK Engineering - Products - Chain & Sprockets - Leaf Chain

We supply a full range of sprockets, supplied with taperlock bushes, or finished, ready to fit, with machined bore and keyways and split hubs if needed. Sprockets can be supplied in a wide range of materials, depending on the required application, such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron or plastic/nylon.

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