We at ASK Engineering are proud to have been working with TEC Motors as an authorised distributor for some time now.

We have built a strong relationship with TEC Motors and have worked closely with them to develop our knowledge of their products in order to give the best service to our customers.

Being an authorised distributor means that we can offer our customers a range of benefits alongside the extensive range of electric motor products!

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Vast & Varied Range of Products

Thanks to TEC Motors we are able to source and supply a vast range of electric motors up to 350kw!

This means that typically we can source an electric motor to meet exact needs, if you need it we can find it!

Looking for an electric motor? Get in touch with our experienced team today!

TEC Motor product

Types of Electric Motors

Tec motor product

We have access to a range of different electric motors to suit all requirements, some of which include:

  • Brake Motors
  • High Output Motor
  • Two Pole
  • Four Pole
  • Two Speed Motors
  • Single Phase
  • Three Phase
  • DC Motors
  • AC Motors

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as stated we can find almost any electric motor you need, just get in touch with us today and ASK!

The Benefits

As an authorised TEC Motors distributor there are a variety of benefits when using our services! Some of these are:

  • Fast delivery on all in stock items

  • Instant response to all enquiries

  • 24-hour breakdown response

  • We can specify your requirements

  • We can help you become more efficient

  • Affordable prices

If you’re looking for a motor & expect excellent service, then look no further!

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No enquiry is too big or too small, we are here to help in any way we can, if only to offer some advice, so just ASK!

We are always happy to assist with any enquiries or technical questions you may have.

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  • sales@askengineering.co.uk

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