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Next Generation Solutions for Food and Packaging

ASK Engineering Solutions have a firm relationship with Bosch Rexroth and are proud to be suppliers of their products, reducing downtime for your business, increasing efficiency and offering complete reassurance that you have the very best product for the job.

We offer a comprehensive range of hydraulics, electric drives and controls, gear technology, linear motion and assembly technology.

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Bosch Rexroth Automation

ASK can provide any Rexroth automation control solution to meet all your needs:

  • ‘Automation House’ from Bosch
  • IndraControl L – the controller based control hardware platform for modular system architectures
  • IndraControl V – the complete HMI platform for operation and visualisation
  • IndradraLogic – PLC programming made easy with our flexible PLC system
  • IndraWorks – User friendly, single software tool for system planning and engineering

Material Handling

We have the ideal choice for pick and place robotics, palletising and conveying applications.

  • VarioFlow Conveyors
  • CMS Cartesian Robots
  • Palletised Systems

Contact us for advice on Material Handling solutions.

Electric Drives

Rexroth ensures economic, high performance and precise motion control at all times with its electric drives, controls and motors. Applications include: wrapping, packing, cartoning and palletising.

  • High performance drives
  • A complete motor range
  • IndraMotion
  • Drive retrofits and upgrades

Contact ASK for more details on the motor range and all electric drive technical details.


ASK are able to provide economical and safe guarding solutions for open machines, packaging and palletising areas.

Our specifications include:

  • Modular anodised aluminium guarding system
  • Rapid installation from pre-assembled, components
  • Easy specification, planning and realisation
  • Meets stringent European legislation (EN292, EN294 and EN811)
  • Comprehensive range:
    • Legs and feet
    • Doors, locks and interlock plates
    • Mesh screens and protective plates

All the guarding products are available in bulk, kit or fully assembled form and require no welding, painting or special tools.

Contact ASK Engineering Solutions for further details. Our team are happy to answer any of your questions.

Manual Production Systems

We can supply the components of the Rexroth MPS range for manual assembly stations or line-side quality stations.

The MPS range of stations are:

  • Flexible and easy to assemble
  • Easily adjusted to meet individual/changing needs
  • Able to facilitate lean production techniques
  • Ergonomic and logistical

Contact us here at ASK for further details.


Rexroth technologies offer precise control over various applications including:

  • Cereal flaking
  • Extrusion
  • Pressing
  • Thermoforming
  • Bottle making

Bosch provide HACD digital closed loop technology as well as Whisper Power reduced noise technology.

Rexroth’s HACD technology provides:

  • Precise positional and separation control
  • Accurate force and pressure
  • Stable speed control
  • Integral fieldbus communication

And much more.

Rexroth’s Whisper power unit offers:

  • Noise reduction (meeting legal requirements and saving up to 80% of energy)
  • Reduced commissioning and maintenance costs

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