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ASK Engineering Solutions Ltd are proud to be appointed as the sole UK partner for Dunkermotoren.

German manufacturer Dunkermotoren manufacture premium quality drive products that are used all over the world in numerous applications, they are over 60 years old & employ over 100 staff who produce 3 million drives a year.

Every single one of their products goes through rigorous quality assurance controls to give customers peace of mind that they are getting a high quality unit.

Their design is tough, maintenance free, compact and modular all with very low noise levels.

Dunkermotoren engineers and manufactures system solutions based on:-

  • Brushless DC servo motors / brush-type DC motors
  • Integrated power- and logic controllers
  • Planetary- and worm gearboxes
  • Linear direct drives
  • Encoders and brakes

Dunkermotoren Industries

Industrial Automation
Their motion solutions offer the highest productivity and minimal cycle time with low investment costs. They are perfectly suited to various sectors of industrial automation like wood processing and packaging automation. Using permanently lubricated bearings and maintenance-free gearboxes, these drives offer a highly efficient solution.

Medical Devices and Laboratory Equipment
Dunkermotoren offers modern drive technology with high durability for medical devices and laboratory equipment, such as X-ray machines, wheelchairs, elevators, analytical laboratory and dialysis equipment. Small but powerful drives offer you a high resolution, optional integrated control electronics and optimised security systems.

Door Automation
They are a market leader in the segment of door automation, apart from standard products, special solutions for this segment. These solutions are characterised by low noise operation, high loading capacity, innovative design and sophisticated safety concepts, among other things for railway and bus doors drives, elevator door drives and access systems.

Dunkermotoren brings you drive solutions for high demands with zero defect tolerance, high ingress protection and good controllability, useable in harsh environmental conditions. Our low noise motors and gearboxes are suitable for construction and agricultural machinery, buses, trains and aircrafts.

Basic Automation
This market leading brand’s solar powered drives are featured by maintenance-free operation and long operational capability. Their drives are perfectly tailored on your application through their robust construction, breakaway torque and high ingress protection, for example for copiers, fax machines, card readers, money sorters, height-adjustable tables and displays.

Sun Protection
Their venetian blind drives are notable for rugged design for external and for the inboard sun protection. Versions of venetian blind drives are equipped with SMI-Technology. As the market leader, they have a unique knowledge and a high quality portfolio.

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