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ASK Engineering Solutions Ltd have partnered with Interroll due to their extremely high quality German products, at extremely competitive prices!

Interroll offer the most efficient drives, rollers, conveyor modules and sorters as well as pallet and carton flow modules, they are the epitome of German engineering.

Interroll Products

The main products that Interroll offer are:-

  • Drum Motors / Motorised Rollers
  • Gravity Rollers / Conveyer Rollers
  • Drives & Controls
  • Conveyor systems

Their technical knowledge is second to none and they are always keen to attend site to help specify the correct system for the task at hand.

Interroll Industries

The main industry solutions they offer are:-

  • Warehouse & Distribution – A wide range of solutions are offered for warehouse and distribution worldwide. Their proven history has proven they can improve space and performance efficiencies by up to 55%.
  • Courier Express Parcel – Interroll offer an extraordinary product called the Crossbelt Sorter which is ideal for anyone who is looking for a solution for sorting documents, parcels, boxes, and goods of all shapes and sizes.
  • Food Processing – Interroll’s unique products comply with all major hygiene requirements and regulations. Whether conveying goods or sorting and storing, Interroll has the best solution when it comes to the needs of the food sector.
  • Supermarket – The dedicated core technologies that Interroll offer, such as drum motors, conveyor rollers, and pre-assembled/read to install conveyor cassettes, are perfect for the demands of the supermarket applications.
  • Airport – The products are used in all areas of air travel logistics. As soon as your bag is checked, until you reclaim it at your destination Interroll’s drum motors, rollers, and conveyors are used to transport your goods. Their products are used in airports all over the world.
  • Tyre and Automotive –  This brands core products, including their cutting-edge 24V technology, drum motors, and compact belt drives have been used by market leaders Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental and others, for many years.
  • Industrial Production – Their broad range of products help industries world wide to achieve high throughputs and reduce operational costs by saving space, and energy at the same time.

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