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About Jabsco

Jabsco is a worldwide leading manufacturer of media and fluid pumps for a variety of markets.

Chances are many of the products that you use or can see in your day to day routine have had some interaction with a Jabsco pump.

Whether it be hygienic applications like those affiliated with food or medical products, or practical industrial uses such as manufacturing paint or for construction – there is very little the Jabsco line cannot do.

The versatility and robust construction of the Jabsco product lines are what set them apart from those created by other manufacturers.

Flexible, or rotary lobe impeller arrangements comprised of different materials mean that there is seldom an application that is turned down due to aggressive agents, and the numerous size options available cater to almost any demand.

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Rotary Lobe Pumps use the principle of operation that two rotors turn in opposite directions, fluid enters the pump from the inlet port and fills the space between the rotors.

This fluid is carried around the outside of the rotors (not through the centre) and is forced out of the discharge port as the rotor lobes mesh together.

The displaced flow rate is therefore directly proportional to the diameter of the rotors and the speed at which the pump rotates.

Flexible Impeller Pumps

Jasbco flexible impeller pumps offer a high priming ability which allows the pump to be installed in the most convenient position making plant installation easier.

Thoughtful positioning of a pump greatly simplifies maintenance. A Jasbco flexible impeller pump mounted above the liquid level can be purged so the maintenance technician will not be presented with a pipe and pump full of fluid that could spill even when the end cover is removed.

More importantly, the fact that there is only one moving part, the flexible impeller means that the pumps are very easy to strip down and maintain, so process down time is minimal.

Features & Benefits


  • Self-Priming instantly, with dry suction

  • Lifts up to 3 metres when dry

  • Lift up to 8 metres when wetted

  • Permits cleaner, safer installation because no foot valve is required


  • Only one moving part in the pump end

  • Tough wear resistant flexible impeller

  • No metal to metal pumping action

  • No gears to jam

More Capacity

  • Flexible impeller pumps, in general, require less space because they deliver greater flow for weight, size and price than other types of pump

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