NTN-SNR Bearings

NTN-SNR are world leaders in ball bearings and roller bearings and here at ASK Engineering Solutions we are proud to be suppliers of their cutting-edge products. We value the company ethos of “new technology and innovation for enhanced customer satisfaction”.

We supply bearings of all types for all of your technological and industrial needs:

  • Industry:
    • Motorisation
    • Transmission (power and movement)
    • Linear Motion
    • Rotation
  • Aerospace:
    • Aviation
    • Helicopters
    • Space
  • Rail:
    • Axle bearings
    • Transmission Units
    • Engines: isolated bearings and standard bearings
    • Axle cases
    • Accessories


A bearing is an element of a machine that constrains the movement to only the desired motion by supporting the axial and/or radial load and reducing friction between moving parts.

The type of bearing used depends on the type of movement (linear or rotational) needed for the operational purpose.

Bearings are essential for:

  • Reduction of friction
  • Prevention of heat generation
  • Prevention of power loss
  • Increased lifespan

The different bearing designs exist to ensure the demands of the application are met for maximum

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Performance

Types of Bearings

There are two main types of bearings but many variants and combinations of types, too many to list individually:

  • Ball bearings:

Ball bearings are the most common type of bearing used in many products, designed to handle higher speeds and lighter loads, thrust and radial loads.

  • Roller bearings:

Roller bearings use a cylindrical rolling-element to ensure and maintain separation between the moving parts. The roller bearing reduces rotational friction while supporting radial and axial loads.

  • Cylindrical – designed for higher loads and slower speeds. The cylindrical bearing is used with ball bearings to support the axial load.
  • Taper – the taper bearing can withstand combined axial and radial loads.
  • Spherical – spherical roller bearings permit rotation with low friction alongside angular misalignment. This bearing can withstand higher loads and lower speed limits. The inner ring may be misaligned with the outer ring enabling these bearings to support a rotating shaft.
  • Needle roller – For slower speed and higher load where space limitations may be important.
  • Plain bearings – No moving elements, where a special material is used to reduce friction on the rotating or sliding surface, commonly in the form of a bush or plate.

Choice of Bearings

The choice of bearing depends on load capabilities (radial verses axial), the speed of rotation and the permissible misalignment between shaft and housing.

Contact us for further advice on the choice of bearings best suited to your needs.

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