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ASK Engineering Solutions Limited are proud to be working with TEC Motors.

Here at ASK, we recognised the quality, reliability and vast range of products available from TEC Motors. We have built a strong relationship with TEC Motors and have worked closely with them to develop our knowledge of the standard stock and bespoke electric motors and gearboxes available throughout the TEC range.

ASK Engineering Solutions are authorised distributors of TEC Electric Motors and Gearboxes. We offer a same day dispatch/delivery service for all your motor requirements and we are always available to assist with enquiries and technical help.

Electric Motors from TEC Motors

ASK Engineering can source and supply almost any type of electric motor.

Here are a few examples of the types of motors we can supply:

  • Three Phase – Our Three Phase products include aluminium, cast iron, braked motors and increased power motors.
  • Single Phase – Our single-phase products include Cap Start Cap Run motors and Perm Cap motors.
  • Two Speed – Our two speed products include TAP wound (DAHLANDER) and dual wound motors.
  • ATEX Products – Our ATEX range include the aluminium and cast iron range of:
    • ATEX 2G Zone 1
    • ATEX 2GD Zone 1/21 Dual Certified
    • ATEX 3G Zone 2 motors
    • ATEX 3D Zone 22 motors
  • Slide Bases and Rails – We provide slide bases to fit a wide range of electric motors, allowing you to accurately adjust the electric motor’s lateral mounting. Our slide rails are constructed from galvanised steel for long term corrosion resistance.

Contact us to discuss your electric motor requirements.

Gearboxes from TEC Motors

ASK Engineering can source and supply any type of gearbox.

Here are a few examples of the types of gearboxes we supply:

TEC Gearboxes

  • FCNDK Worm Gear boxes – Worm gearboxes are constructed with air tight, dust proof aluminium gear casting (available in various sizes), benefiting from being installable in harsh environments. They are sealed for life and lubricated with mineral oil and supplied with breather, drain and filler plugs.
  • TEC Mechanic Speed Variators – Available in a range of motor power and speed specifications for use in all industries. Our variators feature fully sealed aluminium enclosures, allowing service free and safe installation.

Varvel Gearboxes

  • RD Range – The RD range is a helical one piece strengthened gearbox with monolithic rib work. They are B3 (B5 adaptable) base mounted configurations, made up to seven sizes with output torques of 20 Nm – 2500 Nm.
  • RS/RT Range – Our RS/RT range include:
    • Single worm gearboxes
    • Helical worm gearboxes
    • Two stage worm gear boxes
  • RN/RO/RV Range – Our RN/RO/RV range are designed according to latest engineering specifications which are available in six sizes with output torques between 100 and 3400 Nm.

Contact us to discuss your gearbox requirements.

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