ISO 9001 Accreditation

We at ASK Engineering are extremely proud to be ISO 9001 accredited.

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ISO 9001 is recognised worldwide as a quality management system standard and here at ASK Engineering we pride ourselves in quality.

This accreditation demonstrates ASK Engineering’s commitment to supplying a product and service that consistently meets your requirements.

Our emphasis is on maintaining our well-defined and proven processes and systems through stringent controlling and processing measures and always striving to improve on what we offer.

We always have quality at the heart of what we do so our customers benefit, our organisation strives, and our staff are happy and successful.

The Eight Quality Measurement Systems We Follow:

  • Customer Focus: Our customers are our business. We recognise the value of that.

  • Strong and confident leadership: Strong and confident management and leadership is the foundation of all success.

  • The involvement of people in the local and wider community: We like to feel part of a community and invest in this responsibility.

  • Documented Processes and Regular Audits: We are transparent thanks to our documentation and internal auditing systems. Through our precisely maintained records we can manage quality and provide accountability

  • Integrated systems: We are suppliers to large companies that impose quality and environmental requirements on their supply chain. These requirements are met by implementing a management system and being certified.

  • Continuous assessment and improvement: Our staff are highly trained and have a strong Continued Professional Development scheme in place to ensure they are always up to date with changes.

  • A fact-based approach to problem solving, decisions and management: We tackle problems we encounter head on and learn from problems to prevent re occurrence.

  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships: We believe it is good business to supporting those we work with. By doing so we can learn from others and share our knowledge in our field of expertise.

How You, As Our Customer, Benefits From Our ISO 9001 Accreditation

  • Top Quality and Service: By standardising and processing our services we are ensuring that we always provide work of the very highest standard.

  • Continual Improvements: We know that even with the highest quality guarantee there is always room for improvement and for us to adapt our services to individual customer needs. It is a critical part of the ISO 9001 to assess and improve and we love it for that!

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our customers can only benefit from the processes we implement thanks to increased efficiency, professionalism, clear communication and consistent quality and expertise.

  • Time Management: With processes comes efficiency and with efficiency comes excellent time management. Our processes ensure our projects are completed on time every time and that is always music to our customers ears!

  • Reduced Wastage: Waste can come in many forms and it is a part of the business we are happy to see the back of. Our focus on quality and efficiency enables us to limit waste which saves money. This is a saving we are happy to benefit our customers.

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