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ASK Engineering supply a wide range of well-known branded belts and pulleys; all manufactured with high quality materials and advanced technology designed to suit the customer’s individual needs and satisfy specific requirements. We are able to offer advice and guidance and also assist in the application of the product.

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Our Range of Belts

We supply a wide range of belts including polyurethane and rubber belts. Polyurethane belts are designed for strength, ease of use and minimum maintenance while rubber belts are used for any industrial power transmission purpose.

  • Polyurethane Belts
  • Rubber Belts
    • V Belts: Wrapped or raw edge, designed to link two or more rotating shafts ensuring high efficiency, high misalignment tolerance, economical and minimum maintenance suitable for automotive, industrial and agricultural applications.
    • PV Ribbed Belts: Combining the benefits and flexibility of Flat and V Belts together.
    • Rubber: Suitable for power transmission and conveying.
    • Isoran Syncronous Belts: Combine the benefits of gears and V Belts.
ASK Engineering - Belts and Pulleys

Our Pulleys Range

We also supply complete drive systems suitable for all industrial applications:

  • Timing Bars: Timing bars are toothed steel cylinders.
  • Pulleys: Taper Bushes: allow for easy mounting and quick removal of the transmission elements.
  • Flanges for Pulleys: Range of aluminium and steel timing pulley flanges.
  • Clamping Plates: used to clamp timing belt ends.
ASK Engineering - Belts and Pulleys

Advantages of Working with ASK Engineering

All of us here at ASK Engineering are always ready to assist in any of your engineering or technological needs. We have a team of experienced engineers with expert knowledge in supply, repair and replacement of any application.

We value our customers and offer excellent customer support and services ensuring very competitive prices thanks to our contacts worldwide.

Nothing is too much for our ASK team. We love a challenge!

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