Clutches and Brakes

ASK Engineering source and supply a wide range of clutches and brakes and all of the relevant accessories and parts making the purchasing process smooth and efficient for all of our clients. There is never a need to worry about replacing parts and you can rest assured that we only source from the very best worldwide known brands such as Renold Plc, Warner Electric and Intorq.

Our Range of Clutches

Basic Design Clutches

We offer a range of basic design clutches and clutch couplings that are ideal for varying conditions and environments and boast some impressive features between the different series that we can provide.

Clutch Modules

Thanks to our brand sourcing we can provide a number of clutch modules, Including:

  • IEC Mount – Can be utilised as a coupling of a pulley or a shaft and Offers varying solid & hollow shafts at either the output, input or both depending on your needs.
  • NEMA C-face Mount – A versatile range whereby you can choose from Electro Modules, Enclosed UniModule or a UniModule. All offering outstanding features for your needs.

PTO Clutches

PTO Clutches can be used in many different applications, including clutches and brakes designed for heavy duty motors and tractors. Specifically made to withstand continuous duty and a long-life span.

Shaft Mounted Clutches

We offer a large range of Shaft mounted clutches that, between them can provide an impressive range of features. These clutches Include:

  • Electro Clutches
  • Packaged Stationary Field Clutches
  • SFM Series

Freewheel Clutches

To Suit all overrunning, indexing and backstopping applications. The springs ensure that the rollers are held in contact with the outer race and inner race ramp, making torque transmissions instantaneous.


  • Sprag Clutches
  • Sprag Cages
  • Trapped Roller Clutches
  • Ball Bearing Clutches

Our Range of Brakes

Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

Electromagnetic brakes control the speeds of lower-level drive assemblies for applications including packaging machines, mechanical and apparatus engineering, gates, folding and printing machinery.

Basic Design Brakes

A range of brakes that offer an extremely compact design and simply do the job they’re needed to do. Some of brakes consist of a magnet, armature and mounting hub whilst others are single friction face brakes.

Brake Modules

Similarly to the Clutch modules, we can offer the following Brake Modules:

  • IEC Mount – All electrically operated brake modules that include many useful features, some specific to the product of choice.
  • NEMA C-face Mount – Three different categories of brake modules to choose from, just as with clutch modules, there is a wide variety to choose from to suit your needs.

Caliper Brakes

The ERS VAR 11-01 Electrically Released Brake is a caliper brake that we can supply. This brake is a fail safe model that operates in static and emergency stops and is very easy to install.

Centrifugal Brakes

The FC-G-C410 Brake is a high quality centrifugal brake that ASK Engineering can provide. It is composed of two parts; the core and the drum and no adjustments are required with this brake.

Motor Brakes

ASK Engineering is proud to provide high quality and efficient motor brakes, including:

  • C-Face Power-Off Brakes – A motor brake designed to decelerate when the power is turned off.
  • C-Face Power-Off Brakes with Heavy Duty Enclosures – Similar to C-Face power-Off Brakes but can be supplied with cast iron housing.
  • C-Double C-Face Power-Off Brakes -Designed to be used as a couplers between standard C face motors and C face gear reducers.

Pneumatic/Hydraulic Brakes

Our range includes:

  • H410 Series Hydraulic Brakes
  • P520 Series Pneumatic Brakes
  • P610 Series Pneumatic Brakes

All these brakes are activated by spring pressure and both pneumatic brakes can be utilised for braking a shaft or holding a load.

Power-Off Brakes

Power off brakes can stop or hold a load when power is lost or disconnected.  We supply and wide range of these brakes, including:

  • Elevator Brakes
  • ERD Series Brakes
  • ER Series Brakes
  • ERS Series Brakes
  • FB Series Brakes
  • Forklift Brakes
  • WR Series Brakes

Shaft Mounted Brakes

Shaft mounted brakes are engineered to mount directly onto shafts, sheaves, sprockets and more. We are proud to offer The EB Series Electro Brake which mounts directly onto a motor or shaft to provide basic braking function.

Tooth Brakes

Tooth brakes are effective in switching from holding a load to decelerating. We offer a versatile range, including:

  • E710 VAR00
  • E720 VAR00

Trailer Brakes


  • Trailer Wheel Brakes

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