Our Range of Couplings

Industrial Couplings

Including soft start, large gear, elastomeric couplings and mill spindles.

Used by industrial sectors such as mining, quarrying, mineral processing, metal manufacturing, cement and power generation.

Our industrial couplings range includes:

ASK Engineering - Couplings
  • Spiderflex: A medium power torsionally flexible coupling combining shock absorbing and mis-alignment capacity. The Spiderflex is used in the widest range of industries and applications.
  • Spider: This is a low powered, torsionally flexible coupling, combining shock absorption with misalignment capacities used in a wide range of industrial and instrument applications.
  • Pinflex: This is a robust, general purpose pin/buffer coupling providing reliable transmission of torque and misalignment capabilities.
  • Crown Pin: This coupling is long lasting and durable making it suitable for use in arduous conditions.
  • Tyreflex: The tyeflex range is very flexible making it suited to work with a need for high misalignment capacities. It absorbs shock and vibration.
  • Universal Joint: The universal joint assemblies range from 4-30+ inch diameters with misalignments of us to 30 degrees.
  • Geared Mill Spindle: The geared mill spindle range offers innovations such as continuous circulating oil lubrication systems, roll end pivoting, compound tooth curvature. We can have a spindle custom made to suit specific needs.
  • Standard Gear Coupling: All standard gear couplings conform to the AGMA gear coupling specification number. We supply metal or O-seal designs with features including fitted bolts, crowned and barrelled teeth with tooth tip pivoting and forged steel components.
  • Flexible Disc Coupling: The disc shaped flexible elements accommodate a high misalignment. The couplings are made of a dry metallic meaning there are no moving parts and no need for lubrication reducing the need for ongoing maintenance.
ASK Engineering - Couplings
  • Discflex: This is available with either reinforced rubber or urethane disc. It is a general purpose torsionally flexible coupling.
  • Chainflex: This is all metal so is torsionally stiff for use as a positive drive connector. It is not flexible. It is suitable in all arduous working conditions.
  • Rigid: This is an all steel flanged coupling suitable for all rigid shaft connections.
  • Gearflex: The gear flex offers high misalignment capacities in a small space. It is a heavy-duty metal giving maximum power while still space saving.
  • Hydrastart: Offering reduced current demand, controlled acceleration, torque and motor overload protection. This is a fluid coupling suitable for high inertia machinery.
  • PM: The PM range offer exceptional protection against severe shock loads and vibration.
  • RB: This is an economically sound general purpose range of couplings manufactured in SG iron for torques up to 41kNm.
  • Mass Transit Coupling: These are used for subway rail cars with a projected service life of over 8 million miles.
  • Renoldflex: The Renoldflex is stainless steel torsionally rigid coupling with a backlash free drive.
  • Spiderjaw and Spiderwrap: These are torsionally rigid with shock absorbing and misalignment capacities used in a wide range of industries and applications.
  • Pin and Bush Coupling: The pin and bush couplings are designed so simply that they are incredibly durable making them perfect for use in safety equipment such as elevators and fire pumps. The elastometer element reduces vibration and dampen impact load.

Couplings for Other Industries

Couplings for other industries include:

  • Marine Couplings
  • Power Generation Couplings
  • Military Navy Couplings Index
  • Mass Transit
ASK Engineering - Couplings

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