Inverters and Speed Controllers

ASK Engineering - Inverters & Speed Controllers

Inverters are adjustable speed drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque through varied motor input frequency and voltage.

Electronic speed controllers are electronic circuits which control the speed of the electronic motor. It enables variances of speed, control of direction and can also act as a dynamic brake.

Our Range of Inverters

Our inverters can be configured for all requirements. We tailor them to meet specific needs from basic to positional tasks through to servo applications.

We guarantee that they are always reliable, meet strict quality requirements and are easily adaptable.

  • Wall Mounted: These are decentralised inverters and can be suited to wall mounting or motor mounting. These compact designs allow the device to be secured directly to the machine support reducing the need for long cumbersome cables.
  • Panel Mounted

Inverters for Control Cabinets

ASK Engineering - Inverters & Speed Controllers

These inverters are designed for IP20 and IP31 degrees of protection. They enable the user to use the cold-plate or push-through installation technique. They are space efficient as they can be installed one after the other and can be used in a DC bus operation streamlining the requirement for wiring.

The control components are then mounted next to the inverter for ease of use.

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